NetBase Quid Social Media Tools Helping Businesses Streamline Their Operations


NetBase Quid is a social media analytics firm that provides businesses and organizations with tools to gain insights into their audience and make data-driven decisions. Recently, NetBase Quid shared its 2022 social media tools. The post highlighted the latest features that will help organizations and businesses compete favorably and remain ahead of their competitors. This article focuses on NetBase Quid’s media tools and how social media analytic services are integral to companies that want to achieve their goals.

The Importance Of Social Media Analytic Services

Social media analytic services are essential to businesses in several ways. Businesses can monitor, analyze, and measure their social media performance. It is concise that the use of social media in our daily lives keeps growing; therefore, businesses should be aware of the impact of their social media presence on their reputation and brand. By adopting these tools, your business will be provided with sentiment analysis, engagement metrics, and insights into its audience.

NetBase Quid Tools

NetBase Quid offers a range of social media tools that any business needs to make accurate data-driven marketing decisions. These tools include NetBase Quid, Rival IQ, Mentionlytics, Trackur, Reputology, Nuvi, and Buzzlogix, to name a few.

NetBase Quid is a perfect tool commonly used by businesses for market intelligence and real-time consumer. The tool features competitor analysis, data filtering, customized reporting, scalable web tracking, and continuous data updates with real-time alerts. Besides being used for social media analytics, this tool also monitors business websites, forums, review sites, and news media.

Rival IQ is another media analytic tool for social media competitive intelligence. The tool has various features, including customizable reporting, social listening and search, and social media bench-marking and tracking on TikTok, Linkedln, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Its strengths include the ability to track and measure the performance of various influencers across social media platforms. The ability to provide social media ad analytics, topical analytics, and social post-performance continues to make the tool popular.

Mentionlytics is a tool for tracking brand mentions on social media platforms. The tool’s unique features include audience engagement analytics, social publishing, and social analytics. Mentionlytics provides high-quality insights because of the Artificial Intelligence-based Social Intelligence Advisor. User-friendliness is another strength of the tool, a reason why many businesses are adopting its use. However, the tool’s dashboard is unmodified.

Trackur is another social media analytics tool offered by NetBase Quid. The tool helps individuals and businesses monitor their online reputation and track conversations about their brand on social media. The tool’s wide range of features includes keyword tracking and sentiment analysis. Through the tool, businesses have understood people’s feelings about their services, products, and brands by analyzing and identifying positive, negative, and neutral conversations and sentiments.

Reputology is a media analytics tool built by NetBase Quid to help businesses manage reviews. The tool’s features enable a single business account to be shared by many company employees. Permission is allocated based on user roles ensuring that data is shared with the right people. Reputology is also customizable and user-friendly.


These social media tools by NetBase Quid greatly benefit businesses that want to make data-driven decisions and grow a notch higher. The tools help companies to improve customer service and build a solid relationship with their customers, provide competitive intelligence, product development, brand reputation management, and marketing and advertising services.

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