Automotive Insurance Fraud – Staged Accidents

Automotive insurance fraud is rapidly becoming among the finest criminal problems within our country. A smaller economy considerably leads to number of individuals prepared to risk a criminal conviction or and injuries for the chance inside an insurance payout. Many automotive insurance scammers use tactics like vehicle arson to produce claims for almost any totaled vehicle. Others, however, risk their lives along with the lives of other motorists by staging vehicle accidents.

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The insurance plan fraud crooks may be used in groups to stage multifaceted and harmful vehicle crashes. The greater complex the accident appears, the greater unlikely it’ll appear staged to claims adjusters or possibly law enforcement. The following are a few tactics these crooks use to swindle insurance firms and hang up innocent individuals danger:

The Medial Side Swipe

This type of accident reaches their peak in the busy intersection with two left turning lanes. The unsuspecting victim will drift towards the outer-most left turning lane in which the other participant’s vehicle had been positioned. The criminal will side swipe the victim, causing damage along with a serious hazard to innocent motorists. In the busy intersection, this collision may seem like a mishap, nonetheless law enforcement and insurance firms have started to understand the telltale symptoms of a staged side swipe.

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The Swoop and Squat

This type of fraudulent accident involves three cars, one of these brilliant as an unsuspecting victim. One criminal driver, or possibly the “squat” vehicle, will drive as you are watching victim. Another criminal within the “swoop” vehicle, will come up from behind, pass both cars then abruptly steer obvious from the squat vehicle. The criminal within the squat vehicle will slam on his brakes, usually creating the victim to slam to the rear in the squat vehicle. The swoop vehicle drives off, departing the squat vehicle along with the victim to inform police pressure the car that drove off caused the accident. The motive pressure within the squat vehicle may fake an injuries to gather injuries insurance money too. The victim can result in the injuries as well as any injuries claims.

The Brake Check

Also called the panic stop, the brake check involves a vehicle load of crooks driving before a target. Among the passengers within the back seat look a corner window for virtually any symptoms of distraction for your victim driver. Once the victim looks away and off to modify the radio station or answer a mobile phone, the motive pressure within the criminal vehicle will slam on his brakes, creating the victim to crash to the rear of him. Because it is a rear-finish accident, the victim is often one which will need to purchase damages, such as the faked injuries of all of the crooks within the vehicle.

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